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GTR2 [YGR163W]

GTP-binding protein GTR2; Subunit of a TORC1-stimulating GTPase complex; subunit of the Gtr1-Gtr2 GTPase complex that stimulates TORC1 in response to amino acid stimulation; stimulates the GTPase activity of Gtr1p; negatively regulates the Ran/Tc4 GTPase cycle; activates transcription; tethered to the vacuolar membrane as part of the EGO complex (EGOC); required for sorting of Gap1p; activated by the the Lst4p-Lst7p GAP complex; localizes to cytoplasm and to chromatin; homolog of human RagC and

Synonyms:  GTR2,  GTR2p,  P53290,  P53290p,  YGR163W ...

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