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DUN1 [YDL101C]

DNA damage response protein kinase DUN1; Cell-cycle checkpoint S/T protein kinase; required for transient G2/M arrest after DNA damage, damage-induced transcription, and nuclear-to-cytoplasmic redistribution of Rnr2p-Rnr4p after genotoxic stress and iron deprivation; phosphorylates repair protein Rad55p, transcriptional repressor Sml1p, superoxide dismutase, and ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors Crt1p and Dif1p; functions in the Mec1p pathway to regulate dNTP pools and telomere length; postreplicative repair role

Synonyms:  DUN1,  DUN1p,  P39009,  D2370,  P39009p ...

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