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TRS20 [YBR254C]

Core component of transport protein particle (TRAPP) complexes I-III; TRAPPs are multimeric guanine nucleotide-exchange factors for GTPase Ypt1p, regulating ER-Golgi traffic (TRAPPI), intra-Golgi traffic (TRAPPII), endosome-Golgi traffic (TRAPPII and III) and autophagy (TRAPPIII); mutation leads to defects in endocytic recycling, block in sporulation/meiosis; mutations in human homolog TRAPPC2 cause spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda, TRAPPC2 can complement yeast null mutant

Synonyms:  TRS20,  TRS20p,  P38334,  P38334p,  YBR1722 ...

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